Bride with Dad

Bride with Mom

Bride with Mom and Dad

Bride and Groom with Mom and Dad

Bride and Groom with Mom, Dad and Siblings,

bride and groom with mom, dad, siblings and grandparents

B&G with grandparents

Groom with Mom

Groom with Dad

Groom with mom an dad

Bride and groom with mom, dad and siblings

Bride and groom with Mom, dad, siblings and Grandparents

B&G with grandparents

Other combinations that family members may like Bride her siblings only, Groom with his siblings only.

I always suggest photos that include aunt, uncles, extended family members could be taken in a more casual/candid setting at the reception.  Maybe while you are mingling during dinner, have your photographer come with you so you can get some casual photos with the important people to you.  When you have that many people hanging around waiting to take photos after a ceremony,  the time is takes for family portraits because much more.  People are not paying attention, they are talking and wandering off.You hire a photographer to take photos obviously so if you want those photos, that is perfectly fine but you just have to let your know you want those taken so the time for those photos can be scheduled.  You can’t give a photographer 40 combinations with 50 plus people included 2 weeks before and expect there to be enough time in the schedule for that.